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ترموستات هوشمند KNX

ترموستات هوشمند KNX

ترموستات هوشمند KNX جهت کنترل هوشمند دمای محیط‌های داخل ساختمان مورد استفاده قرار می‌گیرد. این ترموستات دارای نمایشگر LCD بوده و دمای محیط و وضعیت فن‌کویل را کنترل و مانیتور می‌کند.

    • Ambient temperature control For the use of heating and cooling control. The parameters on the panel can be set to adjust ambient temperature
    • Fan speed control The module can be used to control the fan speed of fan coils, or set to be automatic. Then, the panel will automatically adjust the fan speed according to the difference between the actual temperature and preset value
    • Multiple scene modes The temperature control panel is of comfort, economic and sleep modes, etc. With their parameters set, various operating modes can be directly switched by scene keys
    • Scene function Supporting 32 settable scenes. The number of scene can be used to call the corresponding operating modes of scenes or the set ambient temperature
    • Supporting various heating and cooling equipment The module can be configured for the control of various terminal units, such as fan coils, floor heating thermostats and other temperature control devices
    • Upper and lower limits of set temperature The module can be used to set the upper and lower limits of the set temperature, which can only be adjusted between the upper and lower limits
    • User-friendly operating panel The module can be used to display the set and ambient temperature by a LCD, and to switch Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units; it is also easy to operate and learn

    • Choice Of Color Bright white, Charcoal Gray, Champagne Gold
    • Installation Method Installed in 86 type bottom box
    • Key Number ۶ Keys
    • Mounting Dimensions ۶۲×۶۲×۱۲(H×W×D) Unit:mm
    • Power Supply Operating Voltage DC 21~30V (Connected To TSBC-02)
    • Standby Power <250mW
    • Working Current <12mA

    • فعال‌ساز فن‌کویل
    • سنسور حضور KNX

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