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فعال‌ساز سوئیچینگ ۴ کاناله KNX

فعال‌ساز سوئیچینگ 4 کاناله KNX با قابلیت اندازه‌گیری جریان مصرفی

این فعال ساز جهت روشن/خاموش کردن تجهیزات مورد استفاده قرار گرفته و میزان جریان مصرفی تجهیزات اندازه گیری می کند. با قرارگیری در شبکه KNX، می تواند از طریق کلید های هوشمند، نرم افزارهای موبایل، تبلت، PC و یا از طریق سنسور حضور و نور و سایر سنسورها کنترل شود.

    • Current detection each output is provided with current detection function for customizing threshold, delay time and action
    • Flash for supporting on/off control of the relay at a certain duty ratio, and setting its flashing times
    • Logic supporting the logic operation of switch commands and communication objects, so as to determine the final output of the relay
    • Mandatory for controlling output status mandatorily at the time of emergencies
    • ON/OFF achieving on/of control of luminaries or other devices by on/of of relays
    • Preset Value each channel supports two preset value, for each of which on/off status can be set or the preset scene can be called
    • Safety for monitoring whether other devices on the bus are in a good operating condition
    • Scene each channel supports 5(۱۲ for TSSD-0812C and TSSD-0816C)settable scenes, for each of which on/off status can be set in parameters
    • Staircase lighting automatic switch-off can be delayed when lighting for staircases is enabled
    • Switch ON/OFF delay for supporting delayed operation upon receipt of on/off commands, preventing frequent operation and protecting luminaries
    • Threshold two threshold value can be set. When the value of communication object “Threshold input” is less or more than the set threshold, its action can be triggered off

    • Installation Method ۳۵mm DIN rail mounting
    • Mounting Dimensions ۹۰×۷۲×۶۵ (H×W×D) Unit: mm
    • Number of Channels ۴
    • Power Supply ۲۱~۳۰V DC
    • Rated Current ۲۳۰V AC(50/60HZ)16A/ Each channel
    • Standby Power <250mW
    • Working Current <12mA

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Switch Actuator TSSD-0416C