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فعال‌ساز فن‌کویل KNX

فعال‌ساز فن‌کویل KNX

این فعال‌ساز قابل کنترل توسط ترموستات KNX، کلیدهای هوشمند، موبایل، تبلت و نرم‌افزار کامپیوتر است. این فعال‌ساز علاوه بر کنترل دور فن، قابلیت کنترل دبی جریان کویل‌ها را نیز دارا می‌باشد.

    • 3-level speed regulated fan control function Supporting the on/off of 3-level speed fan of the fan coil and running control at low, medium and high speed
    • Adjustment function of output characteristics Status control bytes can be re-adjusted as the actual output value according to the set input/output relation curve
    • Electrothermal valve control Supporting the on/off control of two-way electrothermal valve and PWM control
    • Mandatory function The forced state can be activated through the bus and other control messages will not be responded to after the forced state is entered
    • Status indication With a communication object related to the system status indication, it can indicate the status of the fan and electrothermal valve
    • Valve purification The electrothemral valve can be started on a regular basis by parameter setting to purify the executer and delivery pipeline

    • Installation Method ۳۵mm DIN rail mounting
    • Mounting Dimensions ۹۰×۷۲×۶۵ (H×W×D) Unit: mm
    • Number of Channels ۱
    • Power Supply ۲۱~۳۰V DC
    • Rated Voltage ۲۳۰V AC(50/60HZ)16A/ Each channel
    • Standby Power <250mW
    • Working Current <12mA

    • ترموستات هوشمند KNX

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Fail Coil Actuator TSFC-0102A